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Widnell Europe is particularly proud to present these references and you will note that our experience is not limited to office buildings. We are active in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

We have successfuly worked on several projects of all sizes and different market sectors, such as :

- shopping centers & retail

- schools

- apartments

- Old people homes

- Hotels

- Mix use buildings

- Offices

- Factories, storage and logistics

Widnell Europe has assisted the Belgian State in the undertaking of the Building Surveys on 80 buildings, a part of which having been integrated in the Fedimmo Portfolio (1st Real Estate Sale & Lease Back of the Belgian State).

Widnell Europe has been assisting a major European client, owing an important portfolio in Belgium, to assess their existing real estate portfolio and future buildings. Widnell Europe has developed global LCC analysis (Life Cycle Costing) adapted to the client.

Widnell Europe has also assisted the French Community Government to realise the first PPP of French Speaking schools; this including modernisations and extension of approx. 55 schools in the French Community.

All this only represents an overview of our activities.

But first of all, our pride is based on the confidence obtained by our clients over approximately 50 years.

We remain at your disposal to assist advise and lead you to a successfull outcome in all your real estate projets.

Below, some of our references in :

Some references of Widnell Europe


Suisse de Réassurance (Former Schweiz Assurances)
Heavy refurbishment, Brussels

Diamant Building
Headquarters, Brussels

Joseph II
Heavy refurbishment "Britannia House, Brussels

Astra Garden

Hendrik Conscience

Refurbishment, Brussels

Walloon Region
One office building and refurbishment of two buildings for Walloon Ministries, Jambes and Namur

Vitrine Wallonie
Transformation, Brussels

Arenberg Complex
Heavy refurbishment, Brussels

Silver Building
Headquarters, Brussels

Boulevard de la Foire

Munsbach, Luxembourg

Renovation, Tongeren

Transformation into a stores building, Leuven

Renovation three office buildings, Brussels

Construction, Namur

The Capital
Re-construction, Brussels

Parc de l’Alliance F & G
Construction two office buildings, Braine-L’Alleud

Espace Midi
Construction two office buildings, Brussels

Route d’Arlon
Construction two office buildings, Luxembourg

Renovation two office buildings, Brussels

Construction, Luxembourg

Finance Tower
Renovation/refurbishment, Brussels

Construction new Headquarters, Leuven

Belliard 35
Renovation, Brussels

North Galaxy
Construction, Brussels

Porte de l’Europe, Tour B
Construction, Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Construction office complex, Howald, Luxembourg

Renovation and refurbishment, Brussels

Renault Cinquantenaire
Refurbishment works and extension of the former garage, Brussels

Maison de la Construction Wallonne
New building, Jambes

CSC Namur-Dinant
Construction of a new administrative centre for training and seminars, and fitting out of the external works, roads and parkings, Namur

Phase I and phase II of the renovation and construction works of the Brussels Parliament, Brussels

Construction of three buildings, Plateau du Kircherg, Luxembourg

Construction of a luxury office, Quartier du Grûnewald, Luxembourg

Construction, Brussels

Le Dôme – Espace Pétrusse – ilot B
Construction Real Estate Complex (Buildings A, B & C), Luxembourg

K2F – Forte & Ellippse
Construction, Luxembourg

Ellipse Building – Ilot 65
Fitting out works for the future tenant (Vlaamse Gemeenschap) Brussels


Palais des Expositions
Renovation of the Exhibition Centre, Charleroi

Development and restructuring of the « campus » city area as part of the project called « watersiteproject »Vilvoorde

PPP (Private Public Partnership)

Communauté Française
Pilot study of approx. 50 schools in the Brussels and Walloon Region


Stas Jourdan
Construction of 2 apartment buildings, Brussels

Construction of a residential park including 4 apartment complexes, Luxembourg


Extension of the commercial galleries and Shopping Centre, Belgium

Haaglanden Megastores
Construction of a Shopping mall - The Hague, Netherlands

Construction of a Commercial Centre, Maasmechelen

Renovation works Shopping Centre, Brussels

Verviers Outlet Center
Construction of a Commercial Centre, Verviers

Transformation of an historic building into a Shopping Centre, Antwerpen

Den Tir
Transformation into a Shopping Centre, Antwerpen

Ilot Saint Michel
Construction of apartments, offices, stores and commercial areas, Liège

Construction of a commercial centre/shops, 3 residential building and one office building, Louvain-La-Neuve


Sterling Hotel
Construction 3* hotel, Gent

Starwood Hotel
Construction 3* hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Barsey Hotel Mayfair
Renovation luxury hotel, Brussels

Marriott Hotel
Construction 3* hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top Immobilien
Hotel and office complex, Eupen

Weena Tower
Construction Westin hotel and offices, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Belfort, Sofitel & Crown Plaza
Renovation 3 hotels, Gent, Brugge & Brussels


Construction of a commercial ground floor and 4 office levels, Luxembourg

Leopold Village
Construction of a 3* hotel, 2 apartment buildings and shops, Brussels

Renovation and construction of a “mixed” complex, Brussels

South Express
Construction of a mix building : offices + apartments, Brussels

Construction of a building including 22 apartments and 2 retail spaces, Brussels


KBC. Bank (Former CERA)
New Headquarters, Brussels

KBC. Bank (Former Kredietbank)
New Headquarters, Brussels

Europay (Eurocard & Eurochèque)
Administrative centre, Waterloo

Extension Cathédrale (CBC Banque)
Renovation office building, Brussels

European Investment Bank
Office building, Kirchberg, Luxembourg

State Street Bank
Office building, Plateau du Kirchberg, Luxembourg

European Bank and Business Centre
Three office buildings - Luxembourg

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