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Project management

Organise, programme and follow-up the other consultants and the general contractor, in order to ensure that the projet, the site, be achieved in due time and that the qualtity and budget criteria are respected.


  • Analyse the Client's requirements
  • Assiste the Client - Feasibility study
  • Advice the Client
  • Overall programme of the project
  • Liaise with the Client, the Architect and the Engineers
  • Organise and lead the meetings
  • Examine the tender documents
  • Assist in the negotiations
  • Assist in the Contractor's appointment


  • Organise and animate, and/or lead the meetings
  • Handover outline of drawings, calculation notes, etc.
  • Ensure the liaison between the professionel team of the site and the Client
  • Attend the acceptances of the works.

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